Monday, June 24, 2013

Gastronomically speaking.....

I've been cooking up some delicious little bits lately.  I've spoken alot about gardening, knitting, sewing, and general craftasticness, but these last few meals, including some fresh goodies from the garden, were worth a share! :)

I made this tonight:

Lightened up "Lasagna" in 20 minutes:

Rustic Tomatoes/Sausage Sauce
1 lb. sweet Italian sausage (if you can find a turkey variety, this will lighten up the recipe even more)
fresh or canned diced tomatoes
2 cloves sliced garlic
1 cup mixed fresh herbs (I mixed in some fennel seeds with some fresh basil, thyme, and oregano).
Salt and Pepper

Serve with:
1/2 lb. orzo pasta- cooked to al dente
Low Fat Ricotta
Freshly grated Parmeson

I also made a couple recipes from the latest Cooking Light:

Potatoes with Garlic and Kale

Cucumber Salad with White Wine

Penne with Tomatoes, peas, and fresh herbs

I couldn't help but share!  Are you drooling yet?  I was.  And then I went back for seconds.  and thirds.  If you make it yourself, there are no calories, right?  Don't worry- I worked it off with all the P90X I've been doing for the last two weeks!

Seriously.  You'd laugh if you saw me walking around with my sore butt and trying to lift my shoulders.  The workouts are working, I'm eating clean, and I'll be donning my Wonder Woman outfit in no time flat.  :P

Call me crazy.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Digging in the Dirt. Garden Update #2!

I've planted, weeded, tilled, weeded some more, thinned......and still I'm only halfway there.  But here are the June 13th pictures of the garden so far!  I'll let them speak for themselves, because I have a tomato/pepper/onion bed to dig, a melon bed to dig, a corn bed to dig..... and all of those to plant.  :)

Happy Gardening!!!!!  Mine's not perfect in appearance, but the plants are happy and thriving, and there is work to be done!