Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thinking out Loud

Hello there, interwebs!

I know that I can't possibly have any loyal readers out there, as I am very un-loyal to actually writing.  Since the last time I was here typing...

1. I canned over 400 jars of various sundries, and filled the pantry to explosion potential.

2.  Following the three months of putting up food from the garden, I experienced a run on Harry Potter Sweaters of monumental proportions.  Over 100 sweaters were embroidered by hand and sent out into the world in the months of October through January.......

3.  I also experienced a small run on custom handknit sweaters, which I believe each deserve their own beautiful snapshot........

Melissa Leapman's Fabulous Cabled Turtleneck Pattern in Malabrigo Maxima

Heavily Improvised Cropped Version of Amy Miller's Gradient Pullover

Beautiful Silk Wedding Bodice from Stephanie Japel's Gorgeous Simple Knitted Bodice Pattern
A Classic Lopapeysa
A Downton Inspired Cardigan from an antique 1920's pattern
Downton Inspired Lace Pullover from another antique pattern
4.  And, finally--- I got caught up in miles and miles of roving, and put together giant blankets and scarves for sale in the shop--- one of which was to be seen on a little old runway during NYC Fashion week.  You know, no big deal.  *runs around flapping arms like an albatross and screaming like a hyena*  Totally cool.

So.... that's my excuse.  I literally had not the time, nor the finger strength, to type anything.  To let you know how I was doing.

But turns out..........I'm doing just fine.  I'm ready for the spring let down.  It came, like the weather, a little later than last year.  But I'm all caught up, and ready for a month of hibernation before the seeds go in the garden.

My two seedlings are doing wonderfully, and the hubster is out for training in California for a month.

I'll try and write regularly until..... well...... I run out of time again.  Being seasonally self-employed is tough on time management skills.  :)


ETA:  I'm available here, here, and here for your purchasing pleasure.