Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go........

So, I'll be missing in action for a couple weeks.  I'm taking a European vacation!!!!!!!!  Well, mostly vacation.  I have 20 headstrong teenagers (ALL inner-city kids who raised the $$ themselves over 2 years to do this) to chaperone, along with two other teachers.  So here is our itinerary in photographs......  Follow along with me!  I'll have LOADS of photos when I get back, and I'll try to do a blog post about each city over the coarse of the summer...

We fly out for an overnight flight on Friday, landing in Milan on Saturday in the late morning:
Milan Cathedral
Sunday- Venice:
Monday and Tuesday- Florence:
Wednesday- Assisi:
Thursday- Rome:
2nd Friday- Sorrento:  *my personal favorite*

2nd Saturday- Pompeii:
2nd Sunday- Igoumenitsa
2nd Monday- Meteora and Delphi
2nd Tuesday- Epidaurus and Mycenae

2nd Wednesday- Athens

2nd Thursday- 3rd Saturday- A Greek Island cruise!!

So........ there it is!!!!!  I'll be back July 2nd, and I can't WAIT to tell you all about it!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I am physically overwhelmed with jealousy from having read this/seeing the photos :P :P