Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finding Balance...

So, you all know that being home full time for etsy is new to me.  The only problem I've found, so far *crosses fingers*, is finding time to work on projects for etsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knew. 

Now that I'm home full time, I seem to find more and more cleaning that I have time to do, more home improvement projects I've been putting off, and more time to rollerblade. <------oh yes.  People still do that.  (okay.  I still do that.)  Also, I may have started watching seasons 1-6 of How I Met Your Mother.  That counts as serious work, right?

So, over the past week, I have: gutted, decluttered and reorganized both my bedroom --2005 wanted her clothes back, my laundry room (HELLO JUNK.  Six trash bags full of junk.), and my kitchen.  All of my craft supplies are organized, I bought a new vacuum......

Do you see how this has been going?  So, last night I decided that I would SIT and sew.  I would not find a reason to get up, unless it was from the cutting desk to the sewing machine.

And?  The result?

I got my sewing mojo back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are two "skirprons" I upcycled last night:

Mini Tutorial:::::::::
1.  Find a cotton skirt that you don't wear, for whatever reason.
2.  Using a seam ripper, remove the back seam and zipper (if there is one.)
3.  Double fold in the back ripped seams: iron, pin and sew.
4.  Cut a package of bias tape in 1/2, and sew both sets of raw edges under, and down the length of the tape.
5.  Add each "strap" made of bias tape to the back side of the apron!

VOILA!!!!!  The "skirpron".   *enter voiceover*  "Also available on SewEcological.etsy.com"  */voiceover*

Soooooooo... Now that I've got my mojo back, I plan on making a few more aprons, and a TON of unfinished armwarmers I've got laying around.  If I can avoid cleaning out the kitchen cabinets, repainting the kitchen and my bedroom, and totally reorganizing my amazing DVD collection.

May the force be with me.



  1. Rose great tips on skirprons.

    Boy are you ever right, when you are home ALL the time - you find SO many other things to do besides your craft projects.
    You just have to find that rythem and you will get lots done.

  2. I think I need a drummer boy to help me keep the rhythm. :)
    *smooch* Watercolors!

  3. Rose,
    Lovely tute on the aprons. I love this idea! I am struggling with getting etsy things done as well. I am packing though, and surely that will be over soon (as in this time next year!)
    You can do it. There are so many other things to do!

  4. 15 minute intervals on the housework - go for 3 of these - then stop - assess/pee/eat/ plan the next 3 segments and repeat until lunch time

    THEN create create..... (of course part of the morning you have figured out dinner, paid bills, run errands etc....)