Friday, September 7, 2012

The Friday Five! This week: Fun Fan Gear!

Okay, for this week's Friday Five, I've decided that I must show off my inner geek....  Oh who am I kidding.. It's not hidden at ALL.  I'm geekerific.  5 Shows.  5 Shops.  COOL stuff.

1.  Show #1.  I'm currently OBSESSED with Dr. Who.  I even found out that there is a name for Who fans: Whovians.  *faints*  TOO cool.  And what better way to show off how much you love the show than to drink your tea out of THIS every day?

River Song Teacup - from GeekDetails
 2.  Show #2.  Before there was the Doctor, there was Spock.  I sat and watched all 80 episodes of the original Star Trek, and devoured the original movies.  I'm in LOVE with Spock.  I hope to meet the Doctor, and ask him to take me back in time in his Tardis to meet Leonard Nimoy when he was young enough to date ME.  I'm a big fan of these name t-shirts.....  This is my favorite Trekkie one....

Original Crew Tee by NameTShirts

3.  Show #3.  Supernatural.  When I first sat down to watch it, it was because of the CAR.  A black and chrome 1967 Impala.  She drew me in.  Jenson Ackles made me stay.  *swoon*  We have the same birthday (the same YEAR, same DAY, everything.)  So I know we are meant to hang out and have a bacon cheeseburger together someday.  I LOVE the Dean character......but I still love the car MORE.

Dean's Quote Necklace by TheGeekStudio

4. Show #4.  True Blood.  I know, I know.  The main character is mostly annoying, the storylines don't follow the novels (I read all of Charlaine Harris's books-- she has GREAT talent for writing addicting guilty pleasure type series.. check out her other ones.)  But knowing full well that the stories are going to be something new each time is kind of fun.  Mind you, I don't want to be a vampire or anything.  But shapeshifting? has it's advantages, I bet.

Merlotte's Patch from LizMiera

5.  Well, I CAN'T let a fan gear post go by without a TINY bit of self promotion.  My Weasley sweaters have been taking OFF on etsy, and I'm so proud of the gorgeous little handstitched things.

Me modeling!  my very own creation.  SewEcological

So there you have it.  My guilty viewing pleasures.  Mind you, I still get plenty of REAL intellectual geeky simulation.  My current reading/researching obsession?  Ancient Greece.  I'm reading this book right now:

And I just finished this one:

And this one:

I think Herodotus's histories is next.  :)

See you next week for the Friday Five!!!!!!!! :)



  1. LOL!!! When I read your posts they even sound FAST!! You move fast, type fast, think fast.... Nice 5 BTW!

  2. LOL! I think I was born with built in Warp drive. :)

  3. Thanks for including me teacup!

    I'm totally a whovian too. Love love love doctor who. It's a great show that I can still watch with my kids and not feel like I have to cover their eyes.

  4. I agree, Amanda! SO much fun!

  5. I'm sooo ticked at netflix (I have the dvd account) NO David Tennant Who's - so I get hooked and have to BUY the series to continue! No spoilers, you brat - I don't even know what Hello, Sweetie is about... DON'T tell me!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am not geekified enough......
    I know I have been under a rock but
    who is Dr. Who ?
    a movie, series, cartoon, cult, what, who

  7. Exactly, Lou-- Doctor WHO? lol

    It is a sci-fi show about a time traveling man called the Doctor. :)