Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's 'jes' pie.'

Chess Pie.  Never heard of it?  It's a southern thing.  The name could refer to men playing chess, but it's more likely that it refers to a "chest" pie-- one that could be stored in the pie chest.  Or, it could refer to lemon curd "cheese pie" from the UK.  Or, it could be what a northerner heard when a southerner told them it was "just pie."

I can see it now.

"This lovely custard pie is divine.  What do you call it?  "
"Oh, dear-- it's jes' pie!"

Well, really. Who gives a damn, because it is GOOD.  And, with my current obsession with all edibles from the south (I made my very first attempt at Fried chicken a couple weeks ago.), and my fond rememberance of the pie from my mother's kitchen, I decided to give it a go.

My version?  Jack Daniels Chess Pie.

As you can see, seedling #1 decided to poke it.  ugh.
Why yes!  That IS homemade whipped cream, Mrs. Deen!
I made it in a bigger pie pan than I should of, so the custard a bit thinner than it could have been, but DANG if the cornmeal crust didn't make up for it.  A 1/4 c. of JD in the custard didn't hurt either.

*twirls around*  This midlife crisis of mine may be bad for the hips, but it's heaven on the lips.

I plan to make a pecan pie later this week.  I AM turning 34, you know, pecan IS my favorite.


  1. yummy, us southerns believe southern eating is the best eating evah. have a fabulous evening!

    enjoy *~*