Friday, May 10, 2013

A month away from writing......a vacation........and a project!

Sometimes, too many ideas is worse than not enough.

There are a thousand ideas in my head.  And I don't know which to focus on.

Anyone else?

Is this or that worth my time as an independant designer?  Should I start a new line of more productive items, more "mass-produced" yet still handmade?

I'm in a quandary.  That's why I haven't been writing.  The ideas won't cohere to any logical pattern.  They just bounce around in my head and off of each other without rhyme, reason, or cogency.  So I thought I'd take a step back.

But the ideas still do their thing.

Write a novel!

Screenprinting!  That could be for you!

Custom knitting!

oooooooooh.  You should make purses!

Should I plant enough veggies for a market garden?

Oooooh.  I need a sod remover for the garden.

crap.  Did I take pictures of that fabric for that order yet?

I really should be knitting more bulky cowls for the shop.

I wonder if I should invest in a sock knitting crank machine?

Should I be writing a novel?


*points up*  It's ALWAYS like that.  Even when I'm working on one project, fifty others are migrating around in the idea box.  I try and be mindful of this (*ohmmmmmmmmmmmm*), and truly enjoy what I'm working on at the moment!  Never truly happens.

I DID go on vacation.  San Francisco and I got along just fine!  (the food was FABULOUS.)

I DID start a new knitting project while riding around the Oakland/San Francisco area public transportation, and on the planes to and from Michigan:

The Boneyard Shawl with Green Handspun Mohair/Wool Blend

The pattern for the shawl was memorized after the 3rd row, and it's just waiting for me to sit still for longer than 3 minutes to finish the border.   More pics of the finished shawl later!  (if I can stay focused long enough to remember to do so.)

So there I am, in a nutshell.  My thoughts and ideas are driving me batty.  I don't know how to grab one.  Stick to it.  Stay there.

Any ideas?



  1. Rose I know EXACTLY how you feel! I think a lot of crafters suffer from this. (Part of the reason why it's so frustrating when people offer up new ideas for your business... because the majority of the time you've already thought of them, but don't yet have the time/money to do it! haha.)

    I can't offer perfect advice, because I suffer from the same thing, but I thought of an idea that might help:
    Write down ALL of the ideas you want to do. Even if you don't use them, keep them just in case.
    Read through your ideas, thinking carefully about each one. Think about if they are actually plausible to do (time, money, demand, etc.).
    Read through again, this time thinking about which ideas make you the most excited. When you find an idea that is both plausible and makes you excited, make that idea your priority!

    I haven't done exactly that, but I think it could be useful!

  2. okay #1 - fix your subtitle - A maladapted not AN
    and you're not maladapted - you're multi-adapted!! That's because you're a Flaming Perceiver!!!

    Here's an idea from a Flaming Judger:
    Try picking one thing - like "ideas for new products" Set a timer for TEN minutes. Brainstorm on paper everything you can think of on ideas for new products. Yes, other stuff will come out - but it's brainstorming! Try it! Maybe it will help focus.

  3. Brandi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *smooches*

    I do that writing down multiple journals all over the place. lololol

    Should devote ONE to the ideas, right?

    Now, where did I put it...............

    1. Haha ME, too! It's hard because you don't always have the same journal on you at all times.

  4. cRIS!!!!!

    GAH! I fixed that typo AGES ago!!!!!! It's BACK!

    *runs off and hides in flaming perceiver shame*

  5. *looks around for an idea journal*

    oooooooh. Cris bought me a Buddha quotes one! I could devote THAT one!

  6. My goodness ALL THOSE ideas. No wonder why you are in a 'spot' with direction.
    You are so successful with your knitting and projects. I think this is a slow time for most all.

    Don't beat yourself up. It will come to you.

    I WISH I had your energy and creativity! You have so many qualities to be admire.
    Wishing you a clear vision of what you need to accomplish.


  7. Hey Cris, how's it going for you?