Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to on Etsy - Opening a Shop, Fees, and Listing

How do you open a shop on Etsy?  How much does it cost?  How do you list something on Etsy?  I've created a great How To video for you to learn these "how tos" on Etsy.

Do you make something handmade?  You can sell it on Etsy!  Have a ton of vintage dresses?  Sell them on Etsy!  Like to make papercrafting supplies, but could never use them all?  Sell them on Etsy!  Etsy is a user friendly online storefront that allows independent business owners to sell handmade, vintage, or craft supply items through their marketplace.  There is no better place to start your eclectic shop than right on Etsy!

This video is a screencast how to video.  How to open a seller account on Etsy.  I go through and explain the basics, including how the fees on Etsy work, how to list an item, and some tips and tricks for stocking your Etsy storefront.  It's great fun, and I'd love to be the one to walk you through the basics today!

First off, I'll show you how to login or register, and open up an Etsy seller account.  After we do that, I'll explain the fee schedule behind Etsy which is as follows:
Listing: 0.20 /four month listing + 3.5% transaction free + 3% + 0.25 credit card fee.

After you get a basic understanding of how the fee schedule works, I'll walk you through a new listing- beginning with choosing your category of handmade, vintage, or supplies.  Reselling of commercial items on Etsy is strictly prohibited. 

After you choose your listing category, you'll then choose an item category!  Then it is a simple process of adding a title, description, pricing, and shipping cost!  Voila- you've just listed your first item, and for the low cost of 20 cents: started your very own internet storefront.

Finally, I'll show you some great examples of successful Etsy shops- in all three categories.

Best of luck, and have loads of fun!