Monday, November 29, 2010

The Christmas List

Isn't it amazing how when we make things, our Christmas list seems to grow with each apron, hat, quilt, scarf and pair of mittens we make? I want everyone to have something, and no one to feel left out. My entire month of November, and most of December leaves me scrambling through the fabric and yarn stashes, looking for just the right combination for that someone who needs handmade goodness.  It will take me a few posts to get all the photos in- I just realized I've taken over 40...  My, my- I've gotten carried away.  Go figure.

We'll start with the simplest...

My upcycled aprons; I've been making these on overdrive, and desperately trying to match the personality of each finished object to the future owner- (ignore my knees... knees aren't just weird to me, right?  How do you lose weight in a joint?  Still haven't figured that one out.)

A bit of whimsy- 

Old Fashioned with a girly twist- 

Fun and frivolous- 

Old Fashioned and Industrious- 
And, last but not least- a new twist on a classic from Betz White's book Sewing Green;

So, that is it for now- can you imagine how many women you know that could use a cute, upcycled apron?  I can think of about ten more.  I'll keep pumping these out, as they make wonderful "Oh crap, I forgot to get Lory a gift!" last minute wrap-ups.

Up next- upcycled wool and cashmere....