Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Friday Five - Back to School on Etsy

Sorry this is a day late!  I was not feeling too hot yesterday...

So, without further delay!!!!!

Etsy has so many fun "Back to School" items for kids on the site, that I had to share just a few!!

Here are my favorite picks for the Friday Five:

1.  "Glamour Shoes".  What little girl or guy would NOT want these? 
Shoes from

2.  Lunchbox Notes.  I love to tuck these in with the boys' lunches for the first few weeks....

Notes from

3.  Kids need jewelry too!!  I wish I had a little girl to give this to on the first day of school!

Ring from

4.  A Pencil Case.  Who says you need to buy a plastic piece -o- junk at the dollar store?  THIS is something my boys would be proud to take to school on day 1.

Zippered Case from

5.  And you NEED these.  I'm telling you--- they are indispensable.  I bought 6 last year, and still use them all the time! 

Reusable Sandwich Bags from

So, there is MY favorite back to school finds for the kiddos!  Enjoy your week, and have fun getting those little ones ready for school!



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  2. so many great back to school finds... love all of the shops too! thanks so much for sharing!