Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week in Review......

So... this is my first "Week in Review".  I've set my goal of updating the blog three times per week, or else I just "let it go" sometimes for months!!!

So, what I've been up to this week......


1.  Dancing. I've had the best sales week EVER on etsy.  I've almost surpassed my MONTHLY goal for August (which I thought was aiming too high, btw,) and it's only the 11th!!!!!!!  Mark me down as "Surpassing my Teaching Salary" please!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

2.Sticking to my task list.  I strongly believe this is one of the reasons for my success.  I'm making sure to take the time not only to create my goods to sell on etsy, but also to promote, discover marketing ideas, research, and tweak current listings.

3.  Embroidering for SewEcological.  My Harry Potter Sweaters have sold like gangbusters this week.  8 so far, with many messages flying back and forth to customers about what they are thinking about ordering.  I think the fact that I've upgraded to a higher quality sweater (from Land's End or Woolovers) has really pushed the fact that this is the best quality you can buy!

Ready to Ship in my shop!
4.  Sewing for SewEcological.  I had the fun idea of sewing old boy scout patches onto cotton and corduroy this week, after researching on Google Adwords (tutorial here) that Hipsters search for scarves on a regular and high traffic basis.  Aren't they fun?

Cadet Blue Cordurory "Hipster" Scarf

Red Cotton "Hipster" Scarf

5.  Listing and working on SEO for Rotifera.  I made bunches of earrings, hair clips, and hair combs this week, as they seem to be taking off!  I also created links within all my matching listings for easier shopping for the customer!

Button Earrings!
Threaded Hair Combs!

 6.  And finally...... I've been spending loads of time packing orders, making promotional goodies, marketing on facebook (SewEco on FB , Rotifera on FB), and just enjoying the fact that my decision to go to work full time for myself, and quit the world of public school teaching is PAYING OFF!!!!!!!!!!

Right now, I'm the happiest gal on the planet we call Earth.  (I HAVE been watching a lot of Star Trek....)

Live Long and Prosper, Ya'll!



  1. Rose, WTG!!!! You deserve it! Time to work hard for yourself, and not someone else!

  2. Wow, you are a working machine. I think you have traded your teaching for another - FULL time job. It seems to be paying off. Congrats.