Thursday, February 3, 2011

That exhausted but amazing feeling!

I know, I know--  Two weeks in a row with little to post?

Here is the reason-  MY BRAND NEW ETSY STORE!!!!!  *pops champagne*

I've been so successful with my main shop- Sew Ecological, that I've spread out into a new area- hair accessories.  This was inspired by making freebies to go along with my Sew Eco orders, and I wanted to showcase them all on their own for a cohesive shop look....

Here are a few things I've gotten done to get the shop, Rotifera,  up and running, but there is so much more on the way!

Button Ponies

Great Big Bobbies

Great Big Bobbies
I pondered long and hard about the shop name- maybe it is too cerebral, but I fell in love with the name....

Rotifera- This is the phylum name for a type of microscopic animal that translates to "wheel-bearing". They are beautiful, whimsical, and unique. This represents how I think about hair accessories. We don't NEED them, but we love to invoke a little of our personality into what we wear.

I've got new items in my other shop too, but I'll leave it at this for today, and post again soon!  (No, really!)

*blushes* for not posting more this week...

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