Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sunday Six

Wow- this week ran away with me!  I had a pretty trying week M-Th, and had no energy to direct to the blog. 

It is hard being a mommy- my oldest seedling is having trouble at school, and all of my energy this week, both internally and externally, was directed at helping him succeed.  With my husband in California for work (we all miss you like the dickens!), I have to make sure I'm careful to keep my priorities at the forefront.  Being a mom is #1!!

So, for this week's Sunday Six, I'd like to focus on family.  Gifts to buy or gifts to make to honor your children or young people in your life.  *wipes tiny tear*

1.  Sima G- A wonderful jewelry designer who I've been following over on her blog- Simag Personalized Jewelry.  Her hand stamped pendants are simple, elegant, gorgeous, and meant to honor those who you love.  Whether you choose English or Hebrew, she will custom make your charm.  Run, don't walk, to her blog, then stop by her AWESOME shop.

2.  At Mousehouse, Megan makes lovely things for her children.  My absolute favorite is the Colour Book.  Go over there and get inspired to make something for your darlings- particularly if you have some of the little ones.  Her ideas are so great- look for the ice toy post- GREAT idea!

3.  Lavender and Limes- Christine is a wonderful mommy- her posts are filled with love and crafty inspiration for our little ones.  Check out her felt farm playmat- ADORABLE!

4.  I found the blog for one of my favorite plushy-makers- Penguin & Fish.  If you're dreaming of making or buying a plushy, run to the blog or the shop.  Your sprouts need these to snuggle with!

5.  A shop that I knew I had to feature- AuntyAnnDesigns, aka "the sock monkey lady".  If you're looking for sock monkeys, you need to run over there and snatch one of these darlings up for your little angel.

6.  And last, but not least- Just Another Day in Paradise.  I first got hooked on her blog when she featured a boy's cuff watch that was upcycled and I HAD to make one for Odin.  I stayed for the reading, tutorials, and wonderful mommy adventures.  Beautiful blog.  Her newest tutorial is a Valentine's themed owl.  I want one!

Love them.  Squeeze them.  Make stuff they will treasure.  Show the whole world how important they are to you. 




  1. I LOVE those kitty stuffies! So cute!!

  2. Oh, and squeeze your seedlings for me! Love ya!!

  3. THANK YOU Rose, so much. You are so sweet! I totally want to see a pic of the cuff watch!

    Have a marvelous week!

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  4. Thanks for such a fun post! I've been wanting to make more for my own seedlings, and have lost inspiration! You've given it back to me!

  5. Hi Rose, thank you so much for including me in your Sunday Six! Can't wait to check out the other links :) from Megan