Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm big in Japan........maybe.

So, what's the news with your shop?

Oh, I'm so very glad you asked.

Did you know that I'm huge in Japan?

Or, technically, I MIGHT be!?

Here's the story.  So, way back in October, I got a message from a fashion house in Tokyo.  They were wondering if I'd offer a wholesale discount on sweaters, because they'd like to feature them in their runway shows starting March 11th.

*faints*  *hits head on floor*


So I stitched 6 sample sweaters for them:
Two samples of my Weasley Monogram embroidery on British wool sweaters
I'm just about dying waiting for the show and the photos that the organizer will send of MY sweaters on the runway.
The Classic Fred and Ron
I mean, how can I possibly contain my excitement?  A little lady from Michigan makes a sweater, which is shipped to Tokyo, and appears in a RUNWAY show?  For boutiques and shops there to place orders from?  Which I will then receive from the organizer and I quote "have three months to finish the order and ship it out".........  UM YES.  I'm having a hard time sleeping.
Two more sweaters.  I offer them here, you know.

So that was the first thing.  THEN!!!! I had a wonderful customer contact me via Etsy, and ask if I could make her a hat to cover her Necomimi headset.  My first question was "I'm really not that hip, so could you explain what a Necomimi headset is?"

Apparently, they are HUGE in Japan.  And with geekery folks and techies. Biofeedback cat ears that move with your emotions:
Necomimi Store

So, I did a search, found the specs for the dimensions of the thing, and WHAMMO!  Knit up a hat for her.  Turns out, I am the ONLY one in the world who makes them.  :)

My hat, modeled by Tracy, a fabulous customer.  Available here.
Have I sold one yet, besides the original?  Well...... no.  BUT!  Last night, the company who created the Necomimi headsets, Neuroware, PINNED and promoted my hat on facebook.  Oh boy, says I.  This means I'm going to be huge in Japan.

Again, as in all that I create, I never know what will be a hit, and what a time-sucking masterful pile.  But at least there is HOPE.

So here I sit, hoping.  I'll keep you updated.  Unless nothing happens, and then I'll leave you wondering, as I drink bottles of wine on the couch, watching old episodes of Dr. Who.


Edited to Add:  Nothing happened.  I'm NOT big in Japan.  :(  No more sweaters were ordered following the fashion show (to high of a price point for the buyers..)  And apparently, the need for Necomimi headset hats is not a very big niche.  More like a niche of .......... 1.


  1. Wow! Cool! I hope this is your big break! Waiting on the edge of my seat with you... =)

  2. OMG Rose - you are cracking me up!!!!! Congrats - thsi is awesome!! Flash on:) Kara

  3. W00T!! Love this... probably even more than I love old episodes of Dr. Who

  4. Wow! What a wonderful market! Congrats on just being recognized and on the runway!
    Can't wait to see the shots!

  5. Looks like I'll have to make a trip out to Harajuku in a couple months to see how many people are wearing your creations!

  6. Damn. Rose, you're looking good!

    Since you won't answer your e-mails, guess I gotta contact you this way. It's Rex, your supplier. Get ahold me with an e-mail. Please? :-)

    Exciting news. Clearly, Japanese people have a real fashion-sense!!!