Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wow! And *blush*

Guess what?  One of MY scarves was featured in this FABULOUS magazine!!!!
Read the full issue for free here!
The Magazine itself is a wonderful ode to the modern homesteader, with some fantastic articles on small livestock like goats, beekeeping, and even a feature for kids on the homestead.  The magazine is free, online, and available in PDF form to save the articles!  I'd never read the magazine before, but I will be in the future!  The reason I discovered it, was that a customer sent me a message in my Etsy shop, asking about the featured scarf, and she led me to the magazine itself. 

Here is my scarf, on page 26--

That's me!  The Green Scarf!  OMG!  *faints*
So, thank you to From Scratch which has a mission statement I can 100% stand behind:
Makes me want to get out there and till up the gardens early--- but I suppose I should wait for the ground to thaw up here in Michigan.  *sad face*  So, go check it out- it's really a great publication, and I'm so excited to be featured in it!!!! 



  1. wow, Rose; what an amazing honor....congrats to you....wishing you lots of success!

    hugs *~*

  2. Congrats Rose, that's awesome!