Sunday, March 17, 2013

Upcycled Boot Tutorial

Okay, this can BARELY be called a tutorial........ but have you SEEN these boots yet??????

Boots for sale at

I've really, really, really been wanting a pair....... but the price tag is a bit steep for me at the moment.

So, what do we do when we WANT something, but we're broke?

WE MAKE IT!!!!!!!

Hopefully, you've got a pair of old boots lying around.

1.  Now, the boots above from LuxuryJones are full length, slit down the back, and folded down.  THEN embellished.  I didn't have a pair of full length boots I was willing to sacrifice on a first attempt at this, but I DID have a pair of beat up old ankle boots I got at Goodwill last year for $3.  I also had a bunch of belts that *ahem* didn't quite fit anymore, due to.....well......pie.    I gathered all my "junk":
Ankle Boots, Lace Scarf, Buckles, belts, brooches and old jewelry.

2.  I played with everything.  There were some pretty ugly ones before I decided what I'd do.  I cut the lace scarf in half.  I chose a magenta belt for one boot, and a leather rope belt for the other.  I chose some brass jewelry (one for each boot), and a couple of brooches.  I even grabbed a charm from this etsy shop - it says "marches to the beat of her own drum".  (I thought that one a clever addition to the boots.)

3.  Once I decided on the "junk" that would be added to the boots, I had to decide on HOW to get it all on there.  The end choice?  HIGH temp hot glue.   I know, I know.  A woman and hot glue gun.  Watch out world.  I haven't worn these yet, so I don't know for sure that it will hold up, but I will edit this post if anything goes astray with an edit.  Promise. :)

....a.  First, I glued the scarf around the boot.  Since these were ankle boots to begin with, I didn't need to fold them or anything.  I just glued the half scarf how I wanted it draped all the way around the boot.
.....b.  I put the necklaces on.  Since I put the belts OVER the necklaces, and secured them down, they didn't need glue.
.....c.  Belts.  Glue on belt, belt on boot.  Like I said above, not much of a tutorial, eh? ;)
.......d.  brooches and charms.  I tied on the charm and secured the knot with glue, and pinned on the brooches.  I didn't commit to the brooches by securing them with glue, because I'm not sure I like them yet.  (like the Art Deco Rose?  I made it.)

and...................... voila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My very own hobo/boho boots.  I plan to wear these with a skirt I'm going to make sometime this week, of which I'll try to post a tutorial as well.  I want to make a brown corduroy circle skirt with a tied waistband.

I'd love to see your boots!!!!!!!!!  Link below, or just ask questions!



  1. These are way better than the expensive ones. Love them