Monday, December 27, 2010

Hobbling around trying to take a good picture..

So, I posted some new items in my store...  Mostly stuff I've been working on for the last couple of hectic weeks.  I've only made accessories lately, but I've got plans to make an orange blanket, and possibly a green one too this week that I have off.

Here is the latest photo shoot.  You should have seen me hobbling around on my stitched up foot through the snow trying to get a good pose for the pics.  Can you see the pain on my face?  Laugh all you want.  My husband was.  No sympathy over here at the biology household.

There were a couple of major categories- Scarves/Caplet-y things.

Upcycled Capelet with lace and wool ruffle.

The Hug Scarf- Red Upcycled Wool
Hot Pink Jersey Lined Scarflette with vintage buttons.

And Fingerless Gloves:

Italian Merino Cabled Fingerless gloves

Mongolian Cashmere Fingerless
Dusty Rose Italian Merino Fingerless with Ribbon Embellishment

There is more over here in my shop, I plan on putting together a tutorial for the ribbon embellished fingerless gloves later this week.  I also have some plans on making a ruffled mitten, which is possibly a bit more practical than a fingerless glove in some climates...

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Didn't the snow at least help numb your foot? :)

  2. On further thought, maybe I should rock the knee and arm warmers on winter bike rides. Hmm, serving double duty as the soldier of wool/cashmere, all the while displaying your upcycled fashion (think cycling fashion model here) on winter group rides for potential sales. Gay? Don't answer that!

  3. Now you've sparked an idea, Rex. Bring your bike when you come over- you're modeling my very first pair of cycling leg warmers- very warm, if not exceedingly stylish.

  4. Um, super gay Rex. But you'd be warm and trendy at the same time!