Saturday, December 18, 2010

The State of Affairs...

So, candy making is complete.  Problem is, my house looks like this:

I found the printable labels here:  Printable Holiday Tags

Now I just have to go out and get gift baskets, load them up, and tag everything.  This may take longer than the actual making of the stuff!  This brings new meaning to "bagged and tagged."  All sexual innuendos aside... *giggle*

Not to mention cutting up these:

Candy Cane Marshmallows- sticky and scary

You could come over and help, if you want... :)


  1. oo! count me in! would there be compensation in candy for the labour?? ;)

  2. hmmm....."bagged and tagged" makes me think of corpses. If that's sexual innuendo, EEEEWWWWWWW!!! ;)

  3. All the candy cane marshmallows you can eat Sarah!

    Dawn- I never thought of that.. yucky.