Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Sunday Six

So I just made an Etsy sale!!  Considering I've just opened my shop 2 weeks ago, and I've made 3 sales, I'd say I'm pretty happy with the situation!  My favorite part is wrapping them and packaging them so the buyer has an experience when they get one of my creations.

In celebration, I'm sipping a cup of rare coffee, and perusing the blogosphere.  I will get to work soon and finish up Kurt's gift...

after a few more blogs like these:  (come on and surf with me!)

Every Sunday, I will post some of my favorite craft blogs, so come on back every week to see what I'm reading...

1.  Every day One Pretty Thing has new ideas.  Love this site.

2.  Head on over to No Big Dill for inspiration. Her craftsmanship is stellar.  Never have I seen a straighter stitch.
3.  Thinking of quilting little objects?  Noodlehead has no comparison.

4.  Dana over at Made has made her blog a feast for the senses.
5.  Over at the Mother Huddle, I found an idea for a golf ball sling, as well as some pretty rad Christmas ideas..  (That's right, I'm bringing rad back.  Write that down.)

6.  And, last but not least...There is always something amazing to imagine making on Ucreate.  
Enjoy?  Let me know- I'd love to hear who is reading what around the blogosphere...