Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweating the clock...

The calendar pages fly off the wall like you're living in a Tom and Jerry cartoon.  You have to make 10 more gifts by Christmas...

Pulse racing...

Head spinning...

Okay.  Take a deep breath.  Think.  Any old sweaters in the house?

Make some of these for the tween or stylish adult woman on your list.  Give it a whirl- if you have cashmere laying around, even better-

The top one are embellished with some mohair yarn, and the bottom two are leftovers from my cashmere blankies *points down*.

Steps for making armwarmers:

1.  Cut sleeves off of an old sweater.  Tighter fitting arms work best for this; nobody needs baggy arm warmers.

2.  Using a seam ripper, cut a 1" hole in the sleeve seam about 2" from the wrist hem of the sweater arm.  You could leave this, but since we didn't felt the sweater, your safest bet is to bind the thumbhold with some yarn.  Just whipstitch around the hole loosely, covering the cut on both sides.

3.  Hem the top by hand or machine.

Voila!  Too boring?  Embellish away!  I may embellish my next set with buttons, ruffles, or ribbon.  The variations are endless.

Gift to that tween/teen/fashionista in your life.  And feel good that you didn't pay retail.

  Lisa Baday Ribbed Armwarmers from Nordstrom- $134

So there you are.  Stop sweating the clock.  Whip up 10 pair of these in about 3 hours, and the calendar pages can fly off the wall all they want.