Friday, December 3, 2010

Upcycled Skirt to Apron Tutorial

As promised, something to work on this weekend.

A lovely unused skirt becomes an apron.

Have any old skirts laying around that you never wear, don't look good on you, or are just the wrong size?  Hmm.. I have all of those.  Instead of donating them, I've been chopping them up to make aprons.  Most of them already have a waistband, shaping, and a hem!  If I get really lucky, there are pockets...

So, a few words of wisdom to start out with:

1.  Only use skirts that are mostly cotton for aprons that will actually be used to absorb things.  Fancier skirts make fancier aprons- cocktail party apron anyone?  (I don't know anyone who still has Bridge parties, or I'd suggest one of those...)

2.  The smaller sizes 0-6 make lovely aprons with a single side seam cut.  Cut both for larger size skirts, and you have two apron fronts, or use one side to make a bib for the apron.. Still working on that idea.

3.  I use bias binding in this tutorial- it really saves me time- but you could just as easily do a double hem on the sides of the skirt.

4.  Let creativity rule- this is a very basic apron.  Think of all the fun pockets and embellishments you could make!

So, first things first-
 You'll need-
1.  Skirt in question
2.  Extra fabric * if you're cutting up both side seams, you could just use the back of the skirt....
3.  Double Fold bias tape * or hem up the sides.
4.  Scissors/Rotary Cutter
5.  Pins, Sewing machine...


1.  Cut the seams.
2.  Cut fabric for pockets, if desired.  I cut a long rectangle, fold it in half; right sides together.  Then sew all the way around it, leaving a small opening for turning.  Turn right side out, press, and sew onto skirt, with folded edge as the top of the pocket.

4.  Attach double fold binding to the side seams.
5.  Make Ties.  I've chosen to keep the original waistband intact.  So I cut ties twice as long as I'd need so they can wrap around to the front.

6.  Fold them in half, long ways.  Sew all but one short edge, and turn right side out.  Press.

I turn all my ties with a giant knitting needle.
7.  Attach Ties.  I do this just inside the bias tape on the wrong side of the apron.

8.  Wrap around yourself, make some tea, and enjoy your upcycling craftiness.

 Go- get busy!


  1. Super cute! I noticed your warped and broken cutting mat! How sad! Those things do not like sunlight!

  2. Audra,

    I know... I was so upset when that happened! I'm so used to it now though; I don't even notice it! :)

  3. Cute idea. I have 3 girls and I bet there are a few skirst I could make into aprons for them.

  4. Absolutely, tara! It is a really cute way to save those adorable skirts!