Monday, December 13, 2010

The process....

So I have this process of designing these one of a kind items, and it never really is the same...  But the basic steps go something like this.

*Mommy note:  This is by no means a continual process.  I'm constantly interrupted by the needs of the household (rugh.) and the needs of my kiddos and hubby.  Interruptions add time and frustration to the need for design inspiration.  But alas, we do what we do. 

1.  Hunt for objects that are natural fibers.  Find.  Buy.  Buy more.  Buy more.

2.  Organize said natural fibers by color.  (I'm currently using an old bookshelves and repurposed shelving in my laundry room.)  Could be more organized, but you aren't reporting to Martha Stewart, right?

These colors are at the top of my to- do list. 

Vintage sheets!!!!!!!!!

3.  Stare at items.  Fondle items.  Decide if items should be felted.  Put items back onto shelf until inspiration strikes.

4.  Once inspiration strikes, remove item(s) from shelf, felt in the washer, and proceed to de fuzz .  Whilst de-fuzzing, which anyone who has ever felted knows- takes FOREVER..., I stare at item some more, and decide what it wants to become.  Whatever that is, it needs to be chopped up.

5.  Chop, slice, chop.

6.  Decide that the original idea I had will not work with said sliced pieces.  Stare at item.  Fondle item.

7.  Make a command decision.  Back out of decision.  Man's plain armwarmers?  Those sold quickly.  Embellish these brown ribbed wrist warmers with beautiful felted flowers or embroider, or better yet; a lace flower with a button?  That would be really cute...  This goes on for an hour or so.  Then I embellish or not. 

I end up with something like this-
Kept plain.  They were already sooo darn cute!

or this

Angora and Wool with a lace flower.

or this

The Cowl that would become a purse embellished with Vintage fabric and wool rosettes.    

Sometimes my inspiration pile gets unruly... But I just pick what I like when I look down...
Declan has a little pink soldier "watching over mommy's pink sweater thingie"

And I always have extra scraps to inspire me further into the patchwork/embellishment abyss...

So there it is.  Organically created by a possibly insane person, who has trouble focusing if I know I won't be tested, who doesn't like to ever do the same thing twice, and who loves, loves, loves what I'm doing.

What inspires you?  How do you get that inspiration out there? 


  1. I this moment...looking at 4 balls of yarn and a ravelry page that probably has 1000 patterns on it because I've spent the weekend making 4 of the same hat and I just don't think I can do another one. Wish me luck =)

  2. come over~ I could use some company this week.

  3. I need inspiration with my kids old jeans. They are embellished and too pretty to throw or give away. Any ideas. Also, what can I do with wooden spools?