Friday, December 10, 2010

One good idea....

I had an amazing idea today for my Etsy store.  One that is so good I must keep it a secret.  One that is so good that I should start making them right away before someone else thinks of it.

But, as with any good idea, I need to have the time to put it into action.

My list of things to do BEFORE wonderful, excellent, superfantabulous idea can be put into action.

1.  Clean stupid house.  Done.  Not with any joy.  I was not Doris Day, flitting around in an apron waving my feather duster with apparent lightheartedness and song.  More like a disturbed servant in Wuthering Heights.  Every corner held dark secrets needing to be swept away.

2.  Feed Children.  Apparently, they get cranky with no food.  Someone should make a manual for this parenting thing with a schedule of how often these miraculous creatures need food.

3.  Finish SSS (super secret squirrel) gift for hubby.  This involves labor.  And darling, if you're reading this; blood, sweat, tears, and blisters.

4.  Some cowls, armwarmers, etc. for the Etsy store that are ready to be whipped up.

5.  Grocery shopping.  See #2.

6.  Decorate Tree, and get out Christmas decorations.  (hey, I'm a busy woman.  Some would use the adjective obsessed, but I say I'm busy, and you will nod your head and agree. right?)

Then, and only then, will I be able to get the design out of my head and into stitches.  One clue.  That's all you get.