Saturday, May 19, 2012

Craft Fair To-Do List

Okay.  I'm brand new to the craft fair world, but I want to do it RIGHT!  So, I've combed the net and tried to find everything I'll need to be successful.

1.  A Banner and a canopy.  I want my booth to look both professional and unique.  The Canopies I've found online run between $100-$200 depending on whether or not there are sides included (sides, btw are highly recommended by my crafty friends.)

This is where the banner comes in!  I'm thinking one of these might do the trick!
Fabric Banner Tutorial From Craftster!

Buy a banner on etsy!

A large banner is traditional, and easily visible from far away.......

But I like the look of pennant banners.....
I definitely want to show off my artsy-fartsy side, so I'm thinking a combination of a pennant-style banner across the front of my booth.....

... with two vertical signs on either side, one for my SewEco stuff, and one for the Rotifera stuff.

 2.  Tables and Table Coverings.

From the PeriwinklePincushion

 This one looks crisp, elegant, and clean.  I like that!  And the signs in the picture frames are a nice touch!!!

From Adventures in Catnip

 I really like I could probably echo the front banner of my canopy with a banner across the tables!  Very cool idea!!! 

3.  Checkout Area- I need the standard stuff:  Money box, packaging, business cards (the ones from MOO are awesome!) and bookkeeping.  I'd also like to have a fishbowl for business cards, a little sign with my newly minted QR codes on them, a contact list, and a sign letting folks know that I take credit cards with my new SQUARE.  :)  (((BTW--- a 10% discount off your MOO order:  go here: )

4.. Wrapping Materials--  I'm still on the fence about these.  I don't know if I'll have time to wrap everything, but I do have a preponderance of kraft tissue paper and mini-kraft bags.  Maybe with little stickers?  One of my friends on etsy, Sharon from Vampiton, makes GREAT seals:

5.  Free Candy Dish--  Don't know why this idea strikes me as so necessary, but I can totally see myself going into a booth simply for the candy, and maybe buying something that I wouldn't have seen just walking by.....

6.  Spray Painted Bookshelves -- I have quite a few small bookshelves around, and I'm going to spray paint them bright, funky colors for multiple heights of display.  I want to coordinate colors for the whole booth, so this is something I need to plan ahead in coordination with my fabric and banner choices.

7.  Fun Music Playing --  Since I don't want to pay for electricity at fairs (this is usually an extra cost), I plan to have a CD player going that runs on big D batteries, and have some funky, eclectic music playing.

9.  Tool box- electrical tape, duct tape, safety pins, flash light (with new batteries), etc.  For those just in case emergencies....I'll keep this under the checkout area.  

And, last but not least..... TONS of stock.  I'd hate to sell out completely...  so that is something I should be doing now, tomorrow, and the next day.  (and the day after THAT).  

Anything I missed??????  I am a craft-show virgin...  so if I missed something, tell me!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

Crossing my fingers for an acceptance letter to Renegade in Chicago....  June 14th can't get here fast enough!



  1. scissors, receipts, and bags! the first show i did i forgot bags! i am so inspired to try some new things now - love the bookshelf idea and the vertical signs for the sides! music too! my car just got more packed ;)

  2. Do take the time to write a receipt and wrap the package. People really like it and it protects their item. I used baker's twine and white tissue, super cheap but looks great.

  3. Scissors, receipts, bags, and twine to go with my kraft tissue paper!!!!!!

    Rock on you guys! keep the suggestions coming! I'm mentally adding all these things to the list!


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  5. add to your "show kit"
    no name diaper wipes, cable ties (multitude of uses), straight pins in a closeable container (tape a magnet inside)

    If you are not bringing extra lighting - I recommend using table coverings and all display materials in a bright neutral colour - to capitalize on any reflected light - a good stone or beige will hide tons of dirt too. Keep all your shelves and baskets etc in a similar colour - you can always lay out some table runners for extra colour - really your awesome merchandise will provide all your colour, no need to make it compete with what it is sitting on.

    He he, you know I am long in the tooth when it comes to shows...

    You will have a blast for sure, oh bring a reserve of extra change for your float and another wallet of your own money. Your first few shows and you will be amazed at the cool stuff other people create - this way you have a "treat budget" :)

  6. YAY Renee!!!!! Thanks so much for all the awesome tips!!!!!!!

  7. Oh my I just happened to stumble across your blog since I was looking up different display booth ideas and I love it! You have a few things on here that I didn't even think of like bags! I have my products packaged but I didn't even think of shopping bags. I also love the free candy idea. I will have to incorporate that into my booth.

  8. If you're going to go the pennant direction with your sign, please make sure that the background is only one colour, and the font is clearly legible. I have seen soo many pennants that looked gorgeous, but I couldn't read what was on it, since the background was too busy and the font too small!

    Best of luck with your newest endeavour, Rose!


  9. Thanks, Shirley!!!!!!!!!!!