Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random Ramblings- Uglies Cast

So, I've read the Uglies/Pretties/Specials/Extras Series by Scott Westerfeld.....  and, I LOVED them.  No, I'm NOT a tween, the intended audience of the novels.  I'm a grown adult woman, mother of two boys, ubergeek extraordinaire.  But- I loved the message, the writing, and the storyline.

Now, I thought I was excited about The Hunger Games coming out as a major motion picture, but I really am geeked that Fox bought the movie rights to this series.  Now, I've watched a bunch of "casting" videos made by tweens on youtube, and was shocked to see some of the gorgeous beauties they chose for Tally and Shae, pre-surgery.  Now, this is NOT to say that these actors are not gorgeous.  They are.  But they have that "something" unique. And they are gorgeous enough to have the post-surgical "pretty".  :)
Here are my picks:

For Tally:

Saoirse Ronan

For Shay:

Georgie Henley

 For David:
Logan Lerman
For Peris:

Hutch Dano
And, last but never least.... For Dr. Cable:
Scarlett Johansson
Yes, there are others...... but those are the ones that pop out in my head. 


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