Thursday, May 17, 2012

New to Social Networking?

Me too.  There are so many out there!

So in typical addictive personality fashion, I joined them ALL.

Up first-- one that I'm sure everyone except for me is familiar with:

1.  Twitter- 140 characters to say whatever you want, pass on cool links, and discover other interesting folks.  There are a whole she-bang of subcultures with twitter which I have yet to discover, least of which is the poetry.  They call it "twitterature".  *faints from the cuteness*  Easy to sign up-- go to Twitter 101 to learn more. And of course, there is an app for this.  :)
My twitter account?!/SewEcological

Next----  Maybe not so familiar to all, but still in the development stage and requires an invite to set up an account, but one of my favorites and one that I use often.  (read *TIME-SUCK* of great import)

2.  Pinterest---  So, you go all over the web, and "pin" things to your pin boards.  If you're really OCD, this is the place for you--- you can create different boards organized by theme, color, whatever YOU want!  I love, love, love it.  I pretend to be expressing my individuality as often as possible instead of simply wasting time.  It's also a great way to show off other's wares, and hopefully get someone to pin something of yours too!  Etsy just added a "pin it" button under each listing on their site-- so this one has big sales potential, I'm a thinkin.  Drawback?  No android app yet, but they do have an Iphone one!
Go to to see my boards or leave a comment if you want an invite to join the site!  I'll need your email address to do this...

And still more!  A site similar to Pinterest, and one I have yet to fully explore.  (I literally JUST joined.)

3.  Wanelo--- This one is to "discover" shops from around the internet.  More shopping based than pinterest, at least up front, is the gist I get.  I signed up in less than 2 minutes....  Now we'll see how often I can use it!!!!  Probably less often, honestly, as they don't have an Android/Iphone app for this one yet...

Last but not least, and up and comer--- 

4.  StumbleUpon---  Another "fly all over the internet and randomly (or not) tag things to be sent to your profile" site.  Items from the web are "stumbled" and all your followers see it.  I've stumbled a few things, but I have yet to get in the swing of things and really go for gold with this site..  Stumble with me:

So, there you have it.  A crash coarse introduction to social networking other than facebook.  Check 'em out and find a favorite!  I am!! 



  1. i am Android based Smartphone user which apps connect to easily on Social Networking site. Can you provide me more information?

  2. Aadam--- I recommend Twitter--- it seems to have the best user friendly platform!