Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Over a Year Later......


I return to my blog.  It has been sitting neglected for over a year.  It seems that once I opened Rotifera , time began to run away with me.  I've been VERY successful!!!!!!

Successful enough to resign from teaching.

The two shops are rocking and rolling:
SewEcological --- over 400 sales, and 100% positive feedback.  Full of fun upcycled creations and handknits!
Upcycled Infinity Scarf

Handknit Alpaca Cowl

And Rotifera.... Rotifera REALLY took off last year, with almost 1200 sales, and 100% positive feedback.

Art Deco Rose Accessory

Lacy Button Snap Clips
And.........just for fun, I opened a Paper goods shop last September with my friend Cris... The boxes I started stamping really took off, and we've had 176 sales with 100% positive feedback so far!!!!

Handstamped Kraft Jewelry Boxes
So, all in all--- a BUSY year.  A successful year.  I resigned from teaching effective June 10th, and will be going to Etsy and the craft show circuit full time this year, beginning in July.  I have a Europe trip coming up in the middle of June, and then I'm FULL STEAM AHEAD into entrepreneurship. 

That means more blogging, more sales, and more fun!!!!!!  I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it.

See you sooooooooon!!!!!!


  1. Congrats Rose !
    Well deserved.
    No one works harder than you .

  2. Wow, over 1200 sales in the one shop. Great on your expanding to another shop.

    Best of luck.