Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quitting my Day Job - Teaching

So, my day job is teaching.  My whole life has revolved around teaching for more than 4 years.  If you include going to college for teaching, student teaching, etc.....  more like 8 years. 

So it is sad.  Sad that I am leaving the profession after so little time.  Sad that I've become so disillusioned with the politics surrounding teaching.  Sad that the government and our society so little value the time and effort we put into molding students lives. 

I will miss them, those goofy kiddos.  I will miss the job.  I will miss making a difference, EVERY single day.  I'm good at this!  Teaching comes naturally to me.  Connecting with kids and making them see the importance of things in the classroom comes naturally to me.

BUT.  What does NOT come naturally is sitting idly by, watching my pay, insurance, and retirement cut by the state government every single day.  Michigan has cut my pay alone by over $600/month this year alone.  And to work for 30 years to receive a tiny $1200/month retirement, with no real guarantee of even receiving that??  THAT does NOT come naturally.

So...... I have resigned from the teaching profession after 4 years of blood, sweat, and real tears.

The plan?  Do something that makes me as happy as teaching.  Creating.  Selling things that I've imagined and then made with my own two hands.

My etsy stores, craft shows, really focusing on the development of my two young boys, my market garden.  That is what will be taking my time from now on.   

I hope I never regret the decision to work for myself, and focus on my children.  :)


Who wants to help me clean out my classroom? 


  1. It must be hard quitting something you love, but I do understand what you mean. Most inspired and responsible teachers are not happy with the educational system. I wish you luck with your creative business =)

  2. Rose, good luck with your transition and enjoy!