Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Something New! And Plans for the Craft Fair...

So, as promised, something NEW in my Rotifera shop!

Little Button Earrings

I'm hoping these do well--- we'll see.  They are kind of ubiquitous on Etsy....  But mine are CUTER, damnit!  Write that down.  It's true.  Because I said it, it's true.

So.....  I'm also planning out in my head how much stock to bring to the Renegade Craft fair, assuming I get accepted into this juried extravaganza.

I saw this picture of a woman who had sold out and left to "make more stuff", and freaked out.

Here is the list in my head as it currently stands.

What do you think.... too much/too little?
1. 200 sets of clippies
2. 100 sets of ponies
3. 100 sets of resin clips
4. 200 sets of rose pair clips
5. 50 dozen roses for craft embellishments
6. 50 sets of earrings
7. 25 rings
8. 100 sets of button earrings
9. 50 rose headbands
10. 200 rose brooches
11. All my SewEcological stuff that's already made....including a few blankets in case I run out of stuff and need a space filler....(thanks for the idea Juls!)

Think that's enough? Way too much? It's supposed to be a HUGE two day show in Chicago......

Well....  it's an undertaking, that's for sure.  :)


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