Monday, May 21, 2012

What's on Yours?

What's on yours????  Mine, as it currently stands.

1.  Visit Greece.  Specifically, I want to see Athens, Crete, and Santorini.  I want to wander around Mediterranean Islands, swim in the Aegean, and eat octopus for breakfast.  Who doesn't?
 (SOON to be checked off in June.)
2.  Hike the Appalachian Trail.  I'm hoping to this with my husband and sons.  Some year, someday.  A more realistic goal?  Hike it for an entire summer.  Okay.  Maybe that's not that realistic either.
3.  Buy a Farm, raise sheep, and build a wonderfully fabulous raw milk dairy to make artisan cheese.
4.  Visit all the major Civil War Battlefields.
5.  Drink in a Scottish pub with my husband.  Proceed to eat loads of Haggis.  Don't kiss husband after Haggis.
6.  Ride a camel.  The caveat is that this must be in the camel's native habitat, not a zoo.  That's cheating.
7.  Visit the UK.  Specifically, spend one week focusing on Jane Austen's England, and one week studying and visiting Tudor sites.  Wander the countryside and track down a good old fashioned castle ruins.  Spread out the sleeping bag, and sleep in the heather.
8.  Learn to make soap.  Cold-processed, all natural soap.  Not Fight Club soap.  Think more along the lines of lemon verbena, and rosemary grapefruit.
9.  Teach my sons to drive.  God knows, I can't let my husband do it.  They'll turn into aggressive alpha male drivers.
10.  Sing in a Jazz bar.  Full on Sarah Vaughn.  Black dress, smoky atmosphere.  People should clap.  That's gotta happen for this to be full on amazing.
11.  Learn to fly fish.  Carrying A River Runs Through It in my back pocket, I'll let Norman Maclean look on while I catch a prime time rainbow trout out of a Montana river.
12.  Cook my way through Julia Child's cookbook.  A la Julie and Julia.  Except that I already know how to cook fairly well, and I'm about halfway there already. 
13.  Write a novel.  Historical fiction calls out to me...but there are too many time periods in my head battling for the lead role..... Time travel sparkling vampires who collect young tributes from different time periods for arena death matches?  Probably not my best idea ever.  But they might buy the movie rights for it.... :)
14.  Sleep in one of those ice hotels in Greenland.  Make sure to pack one cuddly husband, and extra wool socks. 
15.  Eat lobster in Maine.  More lobster than any human should attempt to.  Smile.  Pause.  Eat more lobster.  Proceed to a nice seaside bed and breakfast and recuperate for at least 12 hours.  Rinse and repeat, maybe substituting clams for lobster on day two.
16.  Cruise Alaska.  Watch whales from the balcony.  Kayak near enough to glaciers to appreciate their majesty, yet not quite close enough for a West Virginia sized chunk to capsize me as it breaks off and plunges into the Pacific.
17.  Dance in the rain with my husband.  This can be repeated numerous times before removing from the list.
18.  Spend the early morning in Pike Street Market.  Eat oysters right out of the ocean.  Make sure to bring my Gerber to crack those suckers open.
19.  Make my own beer.  A nice chocolatey stout.  Enjoy.  Share.  Repeat.
20.  Visit an Ashram in India.  Alone.  Stay.  Focus.  Become mindful.  For real.  no joke. 

20 outta do it for now.  I'd say that's a pretty healthy bucket list.  For a goofball ubernerd crunchy granola Martha Stewart luddite.

Share yours!!!!!  I might steal some of your ideas.  But at least I'll let you know first.


  1. That is amazing! Congratulations on having the courage to put this out there! I have a list of my own. I would share the entire thing, but we share a few. I want to hike regularly, visit all the historical sites in our Great country and I too want to write a novel.
    Thank you for sharing your list Rose!
    I hope that you do them all and add many more to it along the way!

    Warmest regards,

  2. Yes, I do want to do many of these on your list...I would add sleep in a castle in Scotland, Visit a tropical island somewhere for a week, or two. Along with several dozen others...

  3. Love the list! You go, girl! If need be, I could help with "Eat Lobstah in ME" and "Make cold-processed soap" and the NH and ME sections of the Appalachian trail (you know, we could house you/feed you a little whilst on your journey!) Hugs, Laura

  4. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Got the hookup in ME!!!!!!