Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Editing photos with Picnik

I recently discovered Picnik, a free photoediting software.  It really is amazing, simple, and free.  You don't have to download anything (i.e. no virus worries), and it has turned some of my *shrug* meh photos, into these:

I don't really understand all of the options, but I took most of my photos, which were too far away and included background images like the neighbor's house across the street.  Some were overexposed, underexposed, colors showed up poorly, etc.

So I went to Picnik, uploaded my photo, hit the autocorrect option on the exposure, and cropped the photos to just showcase what I had made.  I really like the outcomes- like these:

A few more recent offerings from my shop!

Go edit!  Make your pictures Gorgeous!


  1. Hello Dear :)
    Just want to stop by and say :
    B E A U T I F U L blog!
    Love your work!!!!

    I can not wait to shop:)


  2. Sima was here! Sima was here!

    *hops around*