Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Sunday Six

It's time for the Sunday Six!  This is the day I feature the blogs I've been lurking in all week, and show off their talent so that you too can see and read with your coffee in the morning!

 1.  One of the best loved blogs in the crafting world, Angry Chicken has a broad focus- foodiness, crafting with her kids, sewing.... the list goes on.  Amy Karol is a very talented woman, and her posts are always full of humor, injected with joy, and full of love.  Her Bend the Rules books are awesome.  She also does some awesome work with aprons, and runs a second site Tie One On.

Go on, go time waste.  Lots to read with Amy.

2.  Until Wednesday Calls.  Wednesday is her daughter, so she gets some crafting in when she can.  It really is a bright, crisp blog with tons of ideas and tutorials.  I found it early this week, and I've been lurking through the archives.  Check out the tutorials for little girl clothes, great barrettes, and finger puppets.  Almost makes me with I had a daughter to make little skirts and hair bows for.  Almost. 

3.  I know I've featured A Lemon Squeezy Home before, but you know that I can't resist a good Pride and Prejudice project.  And she made these awesome pillowcases for sleepovers this week that I have to make a couple of for my boys.  She has such amazing taste!  Not that I'm tasteless, but my taste is kind of blah.  Must be a holdover from the early 90's grunge music I listened to so much of...  I digress...

LOOK!  Christie teaches us how to use Picnik to make printables!  I soooooooo want this frame on my wall.

And! the awesome sleepover pillowcases I want to make-

4.  Another new blog to read!  If I keep this up, I'll have to get up at 4 am in order to read all the blogs I love so much.  I was attracted to Cubic Dreams because she makes lovely upcycled garments- something I want to begin doing soon.  But I stayed for the images, and lunch ideas, and well... the list goes on.  Go over and read and take a look at the beautiful photos.  Read, stay awhile.  Peruse the archives.  Leave a comment.   Just beautiful.

5.  Mushroom Villagers.  Another blog that I discovered this week.  Yes, she does grow mushrooms.  Which is cool enough on its own; but look at all the wonderful sewing she does!  So many ideas of things to make for my boys!  Backpacks, coloring wallets- just so awesome.  I wish I had that type of ingenuity.  And check out her new craft space!  soooooooooooooo jealous.

6.  Over at MADE this week, I found these book bags that I have to make some of.  I'm sick of searching under beds for lost library books.  Anyone seen Diary of a Wimpy kid?  I may have to pay for that one.

So, now you can blame me for losing time in blogland.  I have to run!  Happy Sunday all!


  1. I always visit your blog on Sundays because of the great collection of artists out there that you bring to one place. Thanks, Rose

  2. Ahhh! Thanks Erin! Your blog is looking wonderful these days too!

  3. Wow, I am honoured to be considered in the same post with the other blogs mentioned here. Angry Chicken and Made are two of my favourite as well. Thanks so much for shout out. I really like your blog as well and wow Mama, you are one multi talented lady. ♥

  4. Melissa! You have such an awesome blog! I am honored to have you here!

    *hops with glee*

    (Melissa called me multi talented)

    *hops again*