Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Sunday Six

I've been busily crafting my heart out over here, but I always have time with my coffee in the morning to peruse the many, many wonderful blogs in the blogosphere.  Without the inspiration I have found online, I don't think I ever would have started crafting in the first place!

I wanted to be just like them.  Heck, I wanted to BE them.  That included emulating these super sewers/knitters/chefs/photographers/artists in words.  I'm not there yet- it's a journey that I am enjoying every day, and SOMEDAY I will be the one to inspire someone else.  Let us hope they have a better camera than me though. 

I started this blog at the beginning of December to showcase my thoughts, work, and to promote my new Etsy store.  But on Sundays, I share with you some of the bloggers who still inspire me every morning with my 2 *cough* or 4 cups of joe.

Here we go- people who inspired me this week....

1.  33 Shades of Green- Roman shades have always confused me.  I'm the type of sewer who has to stare at things for three hours before I click and figure out how to make it.  But Alissa has broken it down in an amazing tutorial.  She also knows how to cook, work with paper, knit, decorate, and sew.  You want to hate her, but you can't.  Just give her credit.  This chick rules!!!!!

2.  Ysolda- I just found out this week (thanks Dawn at A Few Good Yarns for the heads up) one of my favorite knitting designers has a blog.  So I've been lurking over there each morning this week, going through the archives and awaiting a new post, as if that means she is talking directly to me.  To ME!  I've knitted many of her patterns over the years, and I might be pretending that I am a cool knitwear designer from Scotland while I'm knitting.  Don't tell anyone, I'd be embarrassed.

3.  I was featured on One Pretty Thing with my fingerless gloves tutorial this week, for the second time!  My first was my apron from a skirt tutorial.   Each time I was featured, I just about peed my pants.  Rachel has two posts each day, collecting all the amazing tutorials and inspiration from the blogosphere.  Not only do the projects amaze me, her diligence in browsing all of the available tutorials out there and organizing them into intelligable posts TWICE each day flabbergasts me!  Go over there, whatever craft you do, and get inspired.

4.  I graduated with this girl.  Erin and I haven't spoken for years, as we both had kids, I joined the Army and moved out of town, etc....  But I recently discovered that we've taken parallel paths, and she is a crafter/blogger!  On Crafty Bits n Pieces, Erin does the crafting; her husband does the art design!  So cool, and I'm glad to be linking an old friend.  She recently posted an upcycled pillow tutorial!  Just how parallel are our paths?  Crazy!

5.  Aly&Ash.  I might die of cuteness overload.   THE PHOTOS!  Not only are her fabric flowers and hats adorable, but Jax can take a photo to die for.  Frame-worthy.  I aspire to someday take photos like this.

6.  Need more than just six in one day?  Go over to Today's Creative Blog, where they try to list a new blog every day to inspire and amaze you.  So that one day, you too will open up your blog!

Go.  Be free.  Get inspired.  I do, every morning.  And someday... I may have a following... But until then, I'll keep writing, crafting, and posting.  Drop me a line letting me know who to peruse and feature next week!



  1. Hi Rose - Thanks so much for featuring my Roman shade in your Sunday Six! And congrats on your feature @ One Pretty Thing - how fun! It's always nice to meet a fellow Michigan blogger too.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. You're so welcome alissa! Your blog inspires me! So thank YOU!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring Aly&Ash! I'm glad you are inspired by my projects/photos! Being a photographer kinda helps that out a little!! is my photography site. :) You can also "like" me on facebook where I post a photo a day for the 365 project. I;d love to have you guest post or do a blog swap with ya to help get ya going on the awesomeness that is blogging! Shoot me an email if you're interested