Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Etsy Friends... And a challenge...

So I joined this group of like-minded crafters in the Etsy community this week:

Shopper's Paradise Forum

I've had so much fun getting to know everyone, and this week they offered up a creating "challenge."

The rules?  Create an item inspired by a song.  The "Lyrics" challenge.

My entry?  It doesn't compare to some of the artistic greatness that is found on paradise.  But at least I tried.  I was inspired by "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles.  A cowl in ocean cruising shades of cashmere with funky polka dots for the goofiness of the song.

Shop for it in my shop.
  Oceanic Colors, Funky Polka dots.  Cowl in Cashmere.  Fun, yes?
Here are some of the other entries from the group that are awesome.  See the caption for the inspiration.
Eve of Destruction

Goin' to the Chapel
Now and Forever

Cup of Peace
The Song your Heart Learned to Sing

Thanks to all my Etsy Paradise Peeps!  You rule!  These are just a sampling.  Run over the forum thread linked at the top to see them all.


  1. Rose- awesome features! very cool challenge
    I am singing all those songs in my head...........

    * We all live in a yellow-

  2. Thank you for blogging about our thread challenge. Paradise rocks! :)

    Love, Kat

  3. Paradise does rock! I've feel so at home there, and I've only lived there for a week!

  4. Rose, you are already a shining star and a wonderful addition to our community in Paradise! We are so happy that you have joined us. Thanks for sharing my Eve of Destruction quilt!

  5. I am so honored and touched to be featured on your lovely blog :D Thank you, thank you !!!
    Much love and hugs!