Saturday, January 22, 2011

What is Etsy?

I know. I've been away- mostly because I've been sick as a dog, but also because I've been really busy with my Etsy store. I've still got plans for a couple of tutorials, the Sunday Six is tomorrow, and I've got lots to talk about-

First though, as I blather on and on about my business to people at work, I find that over half of them have no idea that Etsy even exists!

So, what is Etsy? Etsy is a giant store. Think Ebay, but without bidding wars or ugly crap that no one wants. They provide a storefront for sellers who create handmade items. They also have a large portion of their stores that offer vintage goods. And when I say vintage goods, I don't mean old broken vases and junk that you so often see on Ebay. It is a feast for the eyes.

You can even find homemade sweets and food!

You can find vintage dresses!
T-shirts you can find NOwhere else!
Apparantly, You are mustache... lol
A better one.  Only a Harry Potter fan will get it.

Jewelry, Furniture, Pottery, Art, clothing, accessories.... The list goes on and on.

The shop owners are nice, and they have all opened up shop at because they want the best customers- customers who care about quality.

So, if you've never been- there is something for you over there!  Start here .

You might be there all day.  Just warning you.


  1. I think that shirt belongs on Regretsy! :) I think it's hilarious that not everyone proofreads their goods for correct spelling and grammar before offering them for sale. Makes for some good laughs! :)

  2. OMG Dawn- I didn't even notice it!

    I was sleepy, and I'm sick. That's my excuse!