Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Sunday Six

I was called a "talented designer" this week.  Me?  I guess I do design things, but do I deserve the moniker of "designer"?  I aspire to do so, but I still can't believe that someone else sees me as such.

Now these people?  I call them designers.  Talented designers even.  The photos speak for themselves.

1.  Sewing in no-man's land.  She recently put designed this beautiful baby outfit for Project Run and Play that I almost want a baby girl to put it on.  And her aprons?  To die for. Go over there and give her some bloggy love.  Wow.

OMG! Cuteness overload!  Now THAT is designing.
2.  This Mabey Heaven.  Hair accessories that require a sense of design that I cannot seem to fathom.  I love her materials and the unexpected materials and shapes.  Check out her upcycled sweaters and skirts too.  Talented Designer.

3.  Moda Bake Shop.  The Moda Fabrics ideas blog.  All their patterns are "recipes".  Tutorials galore.  Amazing eye for the awesome.  Sometimes I just go over there and stare at stuff for 30 minutes or so.  Talented Designers, all.

4.  Alma Stoller.  Just go.  A feast for the eyes.  Amazing Ideas.  Fabulous photos.  Fantastic-ness.  Enough superlative adjectives?  Mixed media art and jewelry.  Just go.  Talented Designer.

5.  Trey and Lucy.  Hair accessories.  Simple, yet innovative needs for the home.  Adorable pics of the kiddos.  Giant Fabric Flowers to go onto anything.  Original ideas.  Talented Designer.

6.  And last, but not least.  You want talented designers?  Go to the Paradise Blog.  This is the group of designers from Etsy shops that I got together with a few weeks ago to chat, shop, and commiserate over low sales weeks with.  All talented designers.  And people I owe thanks to for much of my shop traffic and sales. Thank you Paradise.

There you go.  Talented designers all.  Me?  I'm still not sure.


  1. Great choices for your Sunday Six! I'll definately be visiting those lovely shops!
    As for you on being a talented designer? Yes! Girlfriend I am amazed at what you do!

  2. Great article, and yes, I agree, you are a talented designer!

  3. Hi Rose,

    Thank you so much. WOW! What a lovely and creative blog you have here.
    Thanks so much,